About us

DUNSCH presents: a reasonably priced and complete line of Outdoor Power Equipment!

DUNSCH has always invested in continued research and development of her products and shall continue to do so.

R&D is one of DUNSCH’s many strengths.. you are assured of high quality materials and machining. Our experienced engineers keep improving and developing new materials and techniques. Our other departments look to better design, reliability and safety of our products.
The results are powerful, reliable and technologically modern tools which allow you to work more easily, more comfortably and more efficiently.
Our wide range of innovative products take into account many different kinds of work; easy operation and being able to work comfortably are just two of our priorities.

Dunsch Europe was established in 2012 by the Shanghai Dunsch corporation.

Our European head office in Italy, supported by offices in France and the Netherlands guarantee parts supply and after sales service. Keeping our customers satisfied is our number one priority!

High Quality products and High Quality service are our motto!

Innovative design and superior quality in Outdoor Power Equipment.